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We are excited to share the news that Version 3.0 of our Simple and Powerful Document Management Solution was released on March 15!

Please click on DEMO link above to give it a try!

Lots of cool features had been added.

- Integration with FAX Servers.

- Thanks to Our Integration Module, Now you can integrate SDA with almost any other software that you are using now!
It can Dynamically create Folders, Cabinets and even Subfolders based on your configurations.

New version of Simple Data Access was release on Jan 2010.

Some New Features has been added, such as:

1- Hot Folders: Also you may call it Auto Import. SDA will monitor a folder on your Computer, and if it finds any new document in it, SDA will automatically imports in into the Document Management System.
Common use cases are: Automatically importing scanned documents, E-Mails, faxes, and voicemails.
Each Client can define up to 5 Hot Folders.

2- Style Change: Now you can define you own colors and change the appearance of the software.