• SDA saves you money. The total expense of conventional paper record keeping usually exceeds the investment in SDA and its operating costs. We are so sure that If you do not save money, you get your money back!

• SDA is cross-platform. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac.

SDA is virus proof! SDA does not store documents in file system therefore no Virus can even find your documents.

• SDA allows you to file both your electronic documents and your scanned documents in the same place.

• SDA’s search capability not only works fast, it allows multiple people at multiple locations to access the same set of documents (both scanned and electronic files).

SDA increases security. Scanned documents are un-alterable. Thanks to Auto Revision feature, any modified document will be saved as a new revision, keeping the previous revision intact. Moreover Security level options and system safety features eliminate the danger of unwanted deletions and access rights violations.

• SDA can work with your present hardware capabilities. There is no need to buy new Hardware.

SDA accepts ALL types of files, including paper documents, engineering drawings, x-rays, video tapes, pictures, music, voice, etc.

• SDA is a non-propriety system; Meaning if you you use our solution and after a while you decide to switch to another software, you can easily export your documents to the new solution without buying additional decryption or decoding software from us.

SDA involves no financial risk. In addition to a free trial period, you can decide to stop using SDA at any time with no future financial obligation.

• SDA includes 7-day-a-week technical support.